Scuba Equipment Rentals

Scuba Equipment RentalsCaddo Valley landing has everything you need for your next scuba diving adventure. Our scuba rentals are top of the line and well maintained. You can view our rentals prices below.

***All equipment rental rates are based on a 24hr rental. Past 24 hours you will be charged additional fees. All rentals require that you show proof of an open water certification.

Equipment Rental Rates

 Regulator / Gauges  $20  BCD  $20
 Cylinder  $10  Weight Belt  $5
 Weights  .50 per lb.  Dive Flag  $5
 Deluxe Dive Flag  $10  Snorkel  $5
 Wetsuit  $10  Hood  $5
 Gloves  $5  Lights  $5
 Mask  $5  Fins  $7.50
 Boots  $5  Air Refill  $6
 Package*  $65    
*Does not include weights, light, air or flag.